She had been really anxious, like anybody who is arrested
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She had been really anxious, like anybody who is arrested

She had been really anxious, like anybody who is arrested


She ended up being really anxious but her concern that is biggest through the time she had been arrested all throughout ended up being constantly what’s planning to occur to her kids if she had been to visit jail. And also this is coming from somebody who ended up being vehement inside her purity in that she didn’t understand what ended up being taking place out here however the fees had been extremely serious and her concern had been constantly my kids won’t have anyone if her dad and myself surely got to jail. She had been concerned about that from one, always day.

JT: so whenever you hear some theories you think of that about her just leaving town, what do?

Ecker: I don’t think it at all. We don’t placed any water for the reason that. It might be entirely inconsistent because of the Brandy I managed. I did son’t have a discussion she didn’t worry about her children with her where. There’s no chance that she ups and departs her kids specially comprehending that her spouse had been going to jail an or so later, there’s no way month.

That early morning, Brandy woke early. We all know this because she had been texting with Randall Richmond beginning at 5:54 each morning. In reality, between 5:54 and 8:01 that morning they exchanged 28 texts and Randall called her three times. The contact continues frequently through the early morning until 9:46 when Brandy drives to western Melbourne from her rented house on Duncil Lane in Malabar to own her hair carried out by good friend and her hairdresser Mindy that is longtime Ford. The visit lasted about one hour and relating to responses produced by Ford to investigators, Brandy had been behaving in an ordinary manner.

But, based on Sid’s records, we do know for sure that later on that brandy speaks with her friend Cindy Farrington on the telephone and it appears she was slightly unraveling morning. Perhaps Brandy ended up being concerned about the charges that are new faced. But Brandy made Cindy promise she’d manage her young ones in case she finished up in prison also.

Following the call, Brandy had been driving into the fabrication and welding store she went together with her spouse Jeff around noon and she calls Randall twice totaling 13 moments.

Here’s Jeff describing exactly just exactly what the store had been exactly about.

Missing since 2006, Malabar firefighter Brandy Hall could be the topic of period three for the podcast that is award-winning regarding the area Coast. (Picture: Courtesy Hall family members)


We’d away shop over here, a fabrication store, and vehicle performance. So we did vehicle lifts, tires, rims but , we built t-tops for off-shore ships, atmosphere watercraft material, only a little little bit of every thing. Simply fundamentally redneck, most of the redneck activities.

Four-wheelers, we did plenty of diamond-plate boxes, plenty of watercraft stuff, trawling towers, motorboat towers. We began doing airboats, airboat cages, engines, etc. we’d a few individuals who struggled to obtain us.


Whenever she extends to the store Brandy places her old buddy Stacey Jellison, who had been laser that is installing away from Wickham path in West Melbourne, appropriate close to the store.

Jellison told Sid LaDow this year she could tell Brandy was crying that she observed Brandy and Jeff arguing and. Brandy left the welding store mid-afternoon and drove to just one more working task she had.

Her buddy, Ronnie McLellan, the person mentioned during season 3 whom often lent Brandy money, hooked her up by having a contracting task for getaway Builders, investing in culverts on brand new homes. Keep in mind, Brandy had been a hustler who had been never ever scared of time and effort or getting dirty. The following is her mom, Debbie Rogge speaking about time whenever Brandy had been training for the fire division.


I recall one time if they lived later on from us, she come riding regarding the bike – which was whenever my granddaughter had been genuine small – and she had her in only a little wagon and she pedaled all of the way down, after all it needed to be like four kilometers. She rode her bile behind her and then she got her fire gear on for a fireman and we have this little deck there has had the steps that go up onto the porch with her in the wagon. She, it abthereforelutely was so hot that time, she had each of her fire gear on and merely kept going down and up them actions, down and up, practicing for the fire thing or any. We don’t discover how she made it happen. I really couldn’t have inked it.

Debbie Rogge, mom of Brandi Brandy Hall just wishes closing. Today she is sitting in John Torre’s office with copies of ev /> (Photo: MALCOLM DENEMARK/FLORIDA)


Now, based on phone documents we now that Brandy and Randall Richmond chatted in the phone at 2:49 that afternoon. Randall’s spouse, Ann Marie had been beginning her change at Palm Bay hospital at 3. And at 3:30 that afternoon, Brandy talks with Stacey Jellison, the girl whom saw her and Jeff arguing during the welding shop.

According Sid,’s notes, Brandy informs Jellison into one thing she’s not. that she hates her husband Jeff, claiming – “He’s made her”

Could she be referring to the known undeniable fact that she destroyed her work as being a firefighter and had to hustle at other jobs to cover the bills?

Keep in mind, Jeff stated that Brandy had been furious with him concerning the arrest and losing her task, really blaming him. She, by all records, had to alter her life style. Brandy had not been afraid to expend cash. The following is eye that is private Lind, that has been working the actual situation on his or her own as well as times with Nick Sandberg.


Jeff had resigned through the fire division and together meet panamanian women they owned a welding shop and there have been concerns throughout the investigation regarding just just how income that is much really made versus their spending. Jeff being retired and income that is limited the welding store, Brandy wished to go out and make some funds for the household. Exactly exactly What she got had been a task as a type of separate specialist where she’d fix culverts and driveways for non-town properties that are sewer-related requires the pipe that operates beneath the driveway that enables the water to flow and she required a Bobcat/skid steer. The real difference is amongst the tries and tracks and exactly how they use them however it’s essentially a tremendously little tractor with a bucket accessory and Brandy required that equipment so that you can contract these jobs with a few specialist she knew in Palm Bay to set up driveways and culverts. And that’s where Randall will come in, where he makes use of his company to secure the apparatus for Brandy. And also he purchases the steer that is skid Brandy is utilizing and settling.

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